January 4, 2012

Chicago style 4-year Anniversary

Yes, it's been 4 years!  We went from younglins in college to adventurers in Europe and now responsible mature adults with life completely figured out (right??).  To celebrate, we decided to take a trip to Chicago, just a 3.5 hour drive away.  We spent two nights in a hotel that was right downtown, so we didn't have to drive anywhere (driving and parking in Chicago is a nightmere).  And we didn't have to figure out the bus system either.  We had a great breakfast at Yolk, italian food, hamburgers, and this little boa resteraunt right next to the American Girl store.  I could only have a couple of bites lest I get sick from the flour, but I had my couple of bites and I was fine, they were so good it was hard not to eat the whole thing.

We walked to the Contemporary art museum, which was okay.  I wish we had gone to the Art institute instead, I'd rather see a Picasso then a minimilast sculpture that isn't really art (and that's the point, but still...).  One gallery I did enjoy quite a lot is Ian Baxter&.  He seemed like a pretty cool dude.

And we did some shopping.  The thing about Chicago is I've been several times and have never really had a good time.  As far as cities go Chicago is not my favorite.  But I tried to get this trip planned out so it would go better.  We drove in and first went to the wrong hotel, same name, wrong location.  Once we got our car back and found the right hotel, they still can't find my reservation, so I bring it up on my iphone and show it to the lady checking us in (who was VERY friendly and not a B at all!) and she informed me that I reserved the rooms for January 29-31st, wrong month.  Luckily, they had the same type of rooms available for both nights so it wasn't a huge deal.  I just felt like an idiot that's all.  And while we were shopping, Seth forgot to grab his camera bag.  As soon as we realized it, about 15 minutes later, we ran back to the spot and the camera bag was there but no camera.  Bummer, to say the least.  I guess it's good that it was seth's camera that got stolen, and not mine which is more expensive.  I'm not sure if/when we'll replace it.  But it won't be for a while.

Anyway, here are some iphone pictures, since I didn't bring my camera out with me.

Foggy Chicago:


4 years

Art Museum:

This was one of the Ian Baxter& exhibits, he painted over tv sets, and had static playing behind the paint, it looked pretty cool.


 Rosebud, where we had Italian, and I had terrible tasting gf pasta (everything else was amazing tho...)

Chicago at night:

Chicago at sunrise:


  1. Marty - you look so cute, lil' sis. Sorry about the corn pasta, but congrats on four years!

  2. Love you posts! I can't believe you take super beautiful photos with your iphone! You and Seth look so cute. I love and miss you and hope to move close by this year! xx