May 24, 2011

Our Valentine's Day

 It's May, but that doesn't mean it's too late to post about one of my favorite memories since being in Seattle, and that is, VALENTINE'S DAY!!  (so much for toning down the cheesiness eh?)

Okay, I love holidays, except the dumb ones that are only fun when you have kids like Easter, St. Patrick's Day, 4th of July... But all the other ones, love 'em.  I can't really decide which is my favorite, but it's a toss up between Thanksgiving and Valentine's day (I get bitter about Christmas because of all the consumerism, and I get bitter about Halloween because I love to dress up but never get a chance to).

Every other year we switch off who plans valentine's day, the only rule is we have to eat sushi.  When we first started dating, we got to Valentine's Day after only dating a couple of weeks.  Seth got a pot and put daisy seeds in it for me to grow (so sweet), and me being a dumb ass bought him Yugi-oh cards, because it was all so new I didn't know how good of a gift I should give him.  We got sushi and watched Best in Show.  Ever since then, we've always had sushi on V Day and it would just be wrong not to.

We started the rule of switching off every year last V Day, 2010.  I planned it and I blew all other V Day plans away.  It was awesome.  We were in Rexburg, so I got a hotel for the night and went and decorated it in secret.  I cut out paper hearts, decorated candles, got chocolates and cut out tons of heart confetti, oh and balloons.  I then surprised Seth in the most sneakiest of ways and he was blown away by the awesomeness of it all.  And since it was in Rexburg, it was cheap.  We had sushi and watched Jaws and Goonies (it was the first time I had seen it and I was not impressed, sorry I know I just offended a billion people).

So, back to this V Day.  It was Seth's turn to plan, so he booked us a bed and breakfast at this fantastic little place about 20 minutes away from our apartment.  It was up in the mountains, it had a hot tub, it was great.  We went to the Melting Pot for dinner (spent way more then we wanted to and it wasn't really worth it) but it was amazing, so relaxing, so grand.  

We also made valentines this year, my bestie Michelle came to help.  It was a good one, good job Seth.

Making Valentine's
(we have a button maker that we used to cut out little buttons for everyone).

 Michelle's lovely creations:

Bed and Breakfast:

View from our balcony:

Before going out to dinner: