So we move around a lot, and we travel a lot, and I can't even remember where we lived when so I made this little blog to keep track of all our adventures.  Currently, we live in Brooklyn.  After graduating from BYU-I in 2010 we left the small town of Rexburg, Idaho and took a 3 month trip to Europe.  After that we started our lives in Seattle.  Homesickness ensued and the gray city pushed us on our way to Indianapolis, where we could be near family.  Just as we were considering buying our first home and settling down I was suddenly overcome with the need to pursue my own career in photography, so we put our things in storage and found a sublet in Brooklyn (with LOTS of distractions and changing our minds in-between).  We now live in a nice little apartment in a neighborhood of Brooklyn called Bushwick.

I am now assisting for a prop stylist and looking to start work as a photo assistant on fashion shoots.  We are still running our etsy shop, selling 
wedding invitations and working like crazy people to get it all done and still find the time to be together.