October 31, 2013

Top 10 Halloween Movies

Whether it's halloween or not, I love scary stuff.  I was constantly terrified of ghosts as a teenager (with some stories I still can't explain) and stayed far away from anything scary, including movies.  Over the years, the fear was replaced by curiosity.  And now, I can't get enough of scary movies, haunted houses (real or fake) and if you have a good ghost story I'd love to hear it.  My Dad would tell terrifying stories when I was little that scared me to death, now I ask him to tell me the stories again and sometimes he comes up with new ones (all real of course).

So here's a list of my top 10 favorite scary movies.  Happy Halloween!

#10 - Insidious
A little campy, but still scary.  A somewhat typical plot line with some interesting twists.

#9 - Rosemary's Baby
A classic, Mia Farrow is a cute little pixie running around
being terrorized spoilers.  Just watch.

#8 Paranormal Activity
I know, people love to make fun of this series but the truth is, they scare
the crap out of me, but in a fun way.  I love them, the
4th not so much, but hoping for a good end of the series for #5.

#7 - Blair Witch Project
Wonderful movie, without showing everything like Insidious does,
it manages to be more scary.  

#6 - Evil Dead
It's a must, must, must.  Weird, a little scary, laughable, amazing.
What I love so much about this movie is how it was filmed.  I recommend reading
 the whole Wikipedia article on it, but basically Sam Rami took all the cast out to the
woods where they got lost many times, and the cast suffered some injuries.  The final
 shot was made by putting a camera on a bike and literally running it into Bruce Campbell,
giving him an injury that still affects him today.

#5 - The Conjuring
The most recent on this listing, and one of the scariest.  It's your typical
haunted house story, but done well.  My favorite part is it features Ed &
Lorraine Warren, real life spiritualists that to this day run an Occult museum
that I would love to visit one day.

#4 - Night of the Living Dead
Another classic, by far my favorite zombie movie.
 Just close your eyes for the shovel scene.

#3 - House of the Devil
This movie was made in the late 2000's, but looks and feels like a 70's horror film.
 It's a slow build up, that leads to one of the scariest scenes I've ever seen.
Seth and I had to pause the movie, and decide if we could keep watching or not.
We did...

#2 - Cabin in the Woods
More awesome than scary, but any horror fan should see this movie
and should hopefully enjoy it.  Much more to it than a group of teenagers
stuck in the woods.  And the ending?  Perfect.

#1 - The Shining
The best of the best.  An absolute masterpiece by Stanley Kubrick.
Every scene so thoughtfully put together, the hotel itself a menacing character.
Amazing performances by all.  I definitely recommend the documentary
Room 237 as well, which is available on Netflix streaming, and is all about different
 theories behind the movie and what everything means. 

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