November 9, 2011

Fall Party

Remember how I said we have been hitting up the fall festivities in major way this October?  Well, it continues, I like to call it Fall Core.  This time, with a two day trip to Brown County, the cutest little place you ever did see.  With seas of yellow and orange leaves and a little town that comes right out of a picture book, Brown County is the perfect place for a Fall Party.

We, meaning my sister and Seth and I, have been planning the Fall Party for a while, we maybe got a little ahead of ourselves, movies! Water park! Hikes! Board games!  Well, we only had time for the hikes, one trip to a Water Park, and one movie: Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was inspiration for the whole trip.  Seth and I even made Mrs. Bean's Famous Nutmeg Ginger Apple snaps, the PERFECT fall treat, and so good too.  I did start to get a pretty bad headache the first night which was a bummer, and we didn't get around to the board games, but all in all I'd say it was a success.  And I look forward to Fall Party 2012.

And now, your dose of pictures, followed by an amazing video by Seth, which I have watched about 10 times already.

Brown County State Park:

Brown County State Park Nature Center:

Downtown Brown County:

Video by Seth:

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  1. These are amazing photos, obviously, and what an amazingly beautiful place. Wow. I can't believe how great that town is.